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4163 - What would you do if you saw your girlfriend of nearly 5 years making out with her best friend? Our latest submitter encountered that same scenario and luckily for us, he had his camera with him when it happened. He stayed quiet for a minute as they made out in front of him but as soon as he made a sound, they got embarrassed and stopped. Not to worry. This guy played it cool and convinced them to keep it going a little while longer. Once they started up again, it didn't take long for him to get in on the action. What happened next was a hardcore threesome that you'll have to see to believe. However, this awesome threesome turned out to be a one-time thing because after it was all over, his girlfriend's best friend stopped visiting as often. In fact, he noticed that his girlfriend started going over to her friend's house instead. He didn't like that very much and after a while, she started hanging out with her friend more than with him. He didn't think that was cool at all, not to mention that he never got the chance to have another threesome with her again. After a while of that, he dropped her like a bad habit and moved on. We're just glad he decided to keep this video handy for when he wanted to get his revenge.

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