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4285 - Caramel was a hot black girl that was fronting at the begging of this video. When her boyfriend came in the room and filmed her as she texted, Caramel made a big fuss. She told him she didn't want to be filmed, but we had our doubts. Her BF lightened up the mood by cracking a bunch of jokes. He was acting a fool, and it was working. In no time, Caramel had forgotten about the filming, and her big delicious Ebony tits were out in full view. After some more flirting and coersion, her BF finally got Caramel to agree to make a sex tape. The first thing she did was strip down and show off that sexy ass body. Caramel then gave one of the sloppiest blow jobs we'd ever seen. This girl was a champ at sucking dick and a total freak. She got so wet and horny giving head that Caramel practically begged for the cock. Her BF was more than happy to break her off with some deep and hard D. He drilled that pussy from multiple angles, and Caramel loved every minute of it. After she had cum hard, it was his turn to get his. He pulled out, and Caramel dropped to her knees and stuck out her tongue to catch his cum load. He busted his nut all in her mouth and on her face. Caramel just smiled and licked it all up.

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