Beach Bod - Black GFs

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Everyone knows that life is better on the beach. The sun, sand and waves are all just as pleasant as they are memorable. That's exactly why this couple decided to hit the beach for a bit of romance and relaxation. This sexy black babe was right in the middle of relaxation mode when her boyfriend turned on his new camera and started filming her. At first, she wasn't very happy about her rude awakening but after a short while, all that attitude turned to playfulness and she was ready to have some real fun. Things started getting hot and heavy so they took the action from the public beach to the privacy of their room. You don't need a great imagination to figure out what happened from there. What you will need is a crystal ball to figure out why the hell this dude would ever break up with a girl as sexy and fun as this. The video came to us with absolutely no details. So, unless we call the psychic hotline, we may never know.