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This Black GF episode is all about how chores end up leading to sex. Marri was a sexy black girl that seemed nice and innocent. This particular morning she'd gotten up early to organize her shoes in the closet. Marri chose an outfit she knew would tease the hell out of her BF, Dash. She had on a tight turquoise top and a pair of Daisy Dukes. Her ass looked unbelievable. Any man that took one look at that booty would have sex on his mind. Sure enough, when she saw her BF come in with his new camera, she went to reaching for the highest boxes to only accentuate that hot ebony ass further. Her BF had a hard time controlling himself and had to take peaks under her clothes and rub those hot big tits. Marri liked that and teased him back by pulling down her shorts and exposing that smoking booty and her sexy red thong. Dash lost his mind and just pulled his cock out right there. He rubbed it all over Marri's ass and that got her even hornier. She got down on all fours and started sucking away at his cock. It was a blow job for the ages. And we knew at that moment Marri wasn't innocent. Nah, she was a freak. Marri rode that dick on an exercise ball, and it was very impressive the way she worked that pussy. It was insane sex, but Dash had to get her into doggy style. He stroked that pussy deep from behind, as her big booty slapped back up against him. The pussy was just too good, so he pulled out and busted his load all over that hot ebony ass. What a sex tape!