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Channel: Black GFs

If you're the type of guy that loves those light-skinned sisters with caramel complexions, then you won't want to miss this week's submission. This dude just happens to catch his girlfriend in the process of taking some photos of herself in a sexy outfit. Turns out she was taking them for him... or was she? He didn't know it at the time, but these photos weren't just for his entertainment. He even jokes about wanting to check her phone later to see who else she's sending these pics to. Turns out she wasn't exactly sending them to anyone, but she was using them to meet other guys by posting them on places like Instagram and other photo sharing sites. In his submission, he explains to us that he didn't really break up with the girl after finding all this out. He just kept her around as his back up chick and she didn't seem to mind. He also figured that since she didn't mind posting half-nude photos on different websites for the world to see, then she probably wouldn't mind it if he posted this video for the members at Black GF. After all, how would she ever find out?