Thick And Thirsty - Black GFs

Channel: Black GFs

This week's submission is very interesting because the person who submitted the video wasn't the guy. I'll tell you more about that in a few. This video shows how much fun two bestfriends can have bathing together. These ebony babes are hot and horny! One of the chicks goes straight for her man's cock and starts sucking on it like a champ. She even lets her bestfriend have a taste of her man's cock. After everyone swapped saliva it was time to get the fucking under way. This threesome was hot, dirty and completely freaky. I am sure you are wondering by now what in the hell happened in order to have someone wanting to take revenge. Well, apparently the bestfriend didn't like the idea of only having this much fun one time. She secretly began hooking up with her bestfriend's dude, drama went down and the girlfriend decided to submit the homemade video to us and her bestfriend's husband. It is safe to assume these two aren't bestfriends any longer.