Love Them Boobs - Crazy College GFs


As this video started, we realized we were eye level with an incredible pair of tits. Granted, they were being covered by a t-shirt. But nonetheless, the outline of those boobs made us fall in love with Olivia. She and her friend had been studying in the campus library late night, and her friend took out her camera and dared Olivia to flash her tits. This was turning out to be an awesome video because that's exactly what we were hoping for. Being they were at the library, Olivia was hesitant. But friend quickly reminded her that she'd flashed her tits to Olivia the week before at a crowded mall. Enough said. Olivia knew she had to flash her now in the library to even things up. And sure enough, out came her unbelievable huge teen tits. She got scared and thought someone was coming, so Olivia quickly dropped her shirt. Lucky for us though, Olivia was feeling frisky because she flashed those magnificent jugs again a while longer and made our day.