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This week's submitter never mentioned exactly what beach this was filmed at, but with hot girls like this, who cares? However, she did mention that she had a huge falling out with all the girls; especially with the sexy short blonde featured here. Our camera girl mentions her boyfriend during this clip and it just so happens that her boyfriend and the blonde were fucking each other behind her back. It isn't much of a surprise though. In her submission, she mentions how she used to try and hit on the girl and make her swing the way she did. But it looks like all this blonde needed was some D-I-C-K. Speaking of which, yours is going to be rock hard when you start watching this amazing video. Our camera girl has a great eye and as you watch the clip unfold, you can tell that she loves to video tape sexy women. Not to mention all the other things she probably likes to do with them. She stays behind and tapes those juicy asses for what feels like an eternity and these girls just go along with it. Little did she know that one of those amazing asses was being fucked by her boyfriend on nearly a nightly basis. It was a cloudy day so the girls didn't stay long, but the footage they got while they were there will have ass lovers everywhere begging for more.