Beautiful Belle - GF Leaks

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Just being girly on a lazy weekend morning, Layla and her friend Belle were doing their nails and gossiping. Belle had spent the night, so the ladies hadn't really done themselves up for the day yet. They were actually still in their panties and night clothes. Layla's BF, Tyler, had come in with his new camera and decided he would try and record the girls. They were pretty hesitant, so he just made it more about having fun. With a little begging and pleading, Tyler finally got the ladies to show off a little skin for the camera. Layla was a sexy tall blond, and Belle a Latina with a big juicy booty. The girls eventually took their tops off and started playing with each others titties and kissing. It wasn't long before Tyler had his rock hard cock on display for the ladies to partake in. Being the good friends they were, they'd never had a problem sharing, so it was no different when it came to dick. Layla jumped in first to suck his cock, but soon Layla took suit and was deep throating his dick too. From there, an all-out threesome ensued. Tyler took turns swapping between their hot and wet pussies. In the end, tagging Belle's pussy from the back while looking at that smoking hot ass proved to be too much, and he busted all over that booty like any sensible man would. It was one wild threesome they'd never forget.