Bikinis Pt Two - GF Leaks

Channel: GF Leaks

I really enjoy these beach videos where the girls go topless or are just wearing tiny bikinis. These hotties filmed this while down in Miami for Spring Break. They were all college-aged girls and wanted to get attention by showing off their bods. By the way, the one in the blue bikini has a mind blowing ass. As we were told, they were just friends at the time, but then two started dating. The couple had never been in a lesbian relationship before. Things were difficult, and the night of the break, the one chick's mom got in the middle and started a big fight between the girls. The one girl denied she was a lesbian to her mom, which left the other with her feelings hurt. Relationships are a bitch, and that's what GF Revenge is for... some payback. Look what we all got out of it.