Blonde Bomb - GF Leaks

Channel: GF Leaks

I fell in love with the little college-aged blondy in this video. I mean she is smoking hot with perfect tits, a cute face, and an awesome pussy. As the story goes, Mike was fucking this sweet college girl on the side, and his ex-wife totally busted him. He got caught in the old, "still at work," lie. He used it so much, she stopped by the office and saw him leaving. In the end, he had to come clean. Turns out, it was pretty mutual, as his ex-wife was banging a younger guy just a month after the divorce. And while that may be a tragedy, this video is not. What I loved is when Mike arranged her to ride cowboy, and she was like, "oh, I've never done this before." That practically made me jizz right there. That is so hot. I'd love to show her a few more positions for her first time. Maybe even teach her what a "bukake" is.