Bow Wrapped - GF Leaks

Channel: GF Leaks

After a long trip home, Kylee's BF was talking to her and recording the conversation, as they entered their apartment. Kylee questioned his motives, but he just told her that it was all about missing her and recording the moment. While in the bathroom, Kylee's BF noticed her bow thong through her miniskirt and lifted her dress to get a nice peep at her ass. She was still hesitant about the camera, but eventually, just went with it. Kylee turned around in bed to reveal her smoking hot booty. Then she took her dress off and revealed her perfect tits. After that, Kylee bent over in front of the mirror to take a selfie of that juicy rump for her BF. About that time, Kylee's BF asked her to give him head, and she took that cock straight into her mouth. She gave that dick a thorough sucking; and once her man was good and hard, he gave her that cock deep. Kylee loved it. Especially when he stroked that pussy doggy style and busted a nut all over her hot ass.