Dirty Looks - GF Leaks

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This hottie shows of her sexy body in this self-shot video. I guess her lucky ass BF is on the receiving end of this. Damn, she really is sexy though. Her ass is delicious. It makes you want to lay your head on it, turn over, and eat that pussy from the back. Speaking of which, her pussy is clean shaved and looks nice and tight. She is definitely college-aged and cute with some nice tits too. Her ex-husband, Billy, tells us what happened between the couple. Billy traveled a lot for work. His ex was worried he'd cheat, so she recorded a sexy strip show for him to jerk off to on those lonely nights. While Billy was away, he had the neighbor keep an eye on things at home. Turns out the neighbor starting balling his wife. Billy came home after 2 weeks, and the neighbor's wife told him they had left together. Truth was, Jeff had cheated too. He just took his stuff and left. The video was still with his luggage though, so he figured why not get rid of it and send it to GFR.