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Oh Kelly. It's like love at first site. For us anyway cause she starts the video by shoving her hand in the camera and pushing it away. But it's all theatrics. This smoking hot babe wakes every morning with the female equivalent of "Morning Wood." Seriously, she may be a little grumpy, but her amazingly delicious titties are popped out all ready for action. Kelly's concerned GF only wants to see the same thing as we do, and that's what's best for her, which in this case is her masturbating her clean-shaved pussy until she cums. Once Kelly's GF agrees to never, ever show anyone her masturbation video, EVER, she goes ahead and starts to give that little kitten a massage. Let us say right now, this is one of the hottest GF Revenge videos ever, thanks to fine ass Kelly. She is an exceptionally hot babe with exceptionally amazing boobs. But let us also warn you to watch this video when no one is around cause you will not be able to resist the temptation of whipping it out and masturbating right along with Kelly. We'd like to believe that's exactly what she wanted. So much for no one ever seeing this video. LOL.