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Channel: GF Leaks

As far as strip tease videos go, this may not be the most seductive of them all and the guy behind the camera is no Quentin Terantino, but this cute, young babe is enough to steal the whole scene! Our submitter still sees this girl from time to time because they always hung out in a tight circle during high school. He tells us that they have a bunch of mutual friends so it's inevitable that they cross paths every once in a while. He didn't even get into her pants this time but he sure got a great show just for giving her a ride. He tells us that he wasn't interested in her at all before but now that he looks back on this video, he might just consider trying to hit that again. She has gorgeous eyes and huge breasts that most girls would kill to have. She uses them to tease this poor guy until his raging hormones make him drop the camera. We don't know if our submitter will ever get any further with this sexy babe but we'd love to see any other video submissions as long as she's involved.