Sex And Friends - GF Leaks

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Sharing is caring. That's a concept that the girl in this video truly believed in. She was never uptight about sex and when her boyfriend busted in on her and her best friend with his camera while they were in the bathroom, she was pissed off at first, but it didn't take long before they were both persuaded to let loose and have a little fun. Before long, a little playful flirting between friends becomes a full-blown threesome. This dude is lucky enough to have his girlfriend and her hot best friend ride his cock long and hard. The only down side came days later when his girlfriend and her BFF had a huge argument and stopped being friends all together. However, that didn't stop the hot best friend from trying to get in touch with this guy for some more action on the side and behind his GF's back. He got away with fucking her on the side for a while but as soon as his girlfriend found out about it, it was over. She broke up with him and never spoke to either one of them again. Lucky for us he had this video of their first, and only, time together which he was more than happy to share.