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Blow Jobs come in all kinds of varieties. The one caught in this video is know as the, "Slow Blow." This insanely fine babe gives her BF a blow job that seems to play out in slow motion in this homemade sex tape. It is truly an awesome thing. This is way hotter than those quick and sloppy blow jobs you see in professional porn movies. Also, this chick has got the best natural tits I've probably ever seen. It's almost too much when her BF starts to titty fuck her. I was really hoping it would happen the whole time then it actually did. Johnny D tells us that he made this back in the day with his college sweet heart. They were on vacation, and he was like, want to make a sex tape? She was cool with it, so he pulled the camera out and they got to it. Johnny D stumbled upon this video after years. When he thought of her, there was still a sting that made it soooo easy fro him to send us the video and get some revenge. Everyone has their reasons, and that's what we're here for.