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Some guys have all the luck. Just take this week's submitter for example. In this incredible amateur video, he gets to bang not one, but two super hot chicks, and the best part is, he got it all on tape. In his submission letter this stud tells us how his ex girlfriend (the blonde in the video) was never uptight about bringing other girls into the mix. So, when her roommate walks in while they were getting it on, it didn't take long for her to join in on the action too. They take turn giving this guy a monster blowjob and you can guess where it goes from there. However, our submitter tells us that during their relationship, it wasn't all about amazing orgies with gorgeous women. He writes, "I know it sounds lame but she wanted to party 24-7 and never wanted to work. She would go out every single night and I was just playing catch up. One night, when I was mad at her, she went out by herself but she came home with a smoking hot girl. This smoking babe walks into my apartment with my girlfriend and then another guy came in behind them. She gave me that look, but that's where I drew the line. I kicked them all the hell out and only saw her again so she could get her things from my place." It was a sad scenario for our submitter, but what can you do? It was better to have fucked and lost then to never have fucked at all, right? At the very least, he has his memories and (thankfully for us) this gem of a video featuring two incredible babes. Watch carefully, this is one blonde on brunette tag team duo you don't want to miss.