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Like most of the girls on GF Revenge our sexy starlet Ashley may seem like she was shy at first, but with just a few subtle hints from her boyfriend, the cameraman, she quickly gets into the mood. Our submitter mentioned that Ashley was his girlfriend for a few semesters during college. He mentioned that she would always walk around his dorm room in her underwear and she was always down to fuck no matter what time of day. Our submitter also mentions that this was during the beginning of their relationship so it was they were constantly hanging out in his dorm room fucking. Although you don't see Ashley getting fucked in this particular video, she goes on to put on a one-women show that would make a professional porn star jealous. You can tell that our submitter was rock hard while he was filming and he can't believe how far she goes as he comments and mumbles commands under his breath. You can practically hear him drooling behind the camera as she masturbates until she cums. However, it seems that Ashley was just too much for one man to handle because our submitter found out that she was cheating on him less than a year into their relationship. So, even though he claims to have several other videos of them fucking, he sent in this particular masturbation video in order to get his revenge.