The Booty View - GF Leaks

Channel: GF Leaks

As you'll soon see, the fun-loving couple featured in this amateur clip thought they had it made. When this video was taken, they were just days away from moving in together and getting ready to celebrate the momentous occasion. However, like most women, this sexy brunette was taking forever to get ready, so our submitter thought he would hurry things along by popping in during the finishing touches. But, it turns out she wasn't even close to being dressed and since they were already running late, our submitter decided to exchange a monster blowjob for some extra time to get ready. Nothing really turned out the way they planned though. In the end, he made a huge mess on her and she took even longer to get ready than when she started. To make matters worse, the couple broke up just a few short weeks after moving in together. Turns out our submitter wasn't the only guy getting BJ's from his girl. It didn't matter much to him though. He moved on and had this amazing video to use as the ultimate weapon to get his revenge.