Tickled Pink - GF Leaks

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The cutey in this video seems embarrassed by her BF filming her, but she doesn't even try and hide her sexy ass body. She starts of by teasing him and asking him if he likes what he sees. Every time our guy comes in to try and get some action, she tells him to go away. He follows her around the whole house; meanwhile, we get a look at those nice big tits, that phat ass booty, and her sweet shaved pussy. Our submitter, Eric, tells us the couple's deal in this update. He had met his ex in college, and they started sharing an apartment together. It was the greatest time of his life. They were in love, would walk around the house naked, and fuck randomly all the time. When graduation came around, Eric's ex had no intentions of sticking around. She told him she was moving back home. He offered to follow her, but she simply said she had outgrown their relationship and was looking for an older, responsible, more mature guy. In the end, she never gave Eric the chance. He thought he would submit this video to remind her how mature she really is.