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Giani and Camila Casey were getting ready for a big game when Leo came in with the camera to capture some pre game prepping. These two sexy girls in their tight short shorts looked so nice and tasty. Leo knew what he had right in front of him, and all he had to do was find the right combination of questions to ask to get things going. It started off slow because the girls were not sure about the camera. The bartering continued as they took a picture for him to put on his phone. His girlfriend Camila was used to this kind of thing, but he wanted both of them. One trade for another, and he got the goods. These two hotties played with each other before but never with a guy. They warmed each other up as the pussy play evolved. They had the him join in to make the fun more exciting. They tag team his cock as the camera rolled on. They made a hot bath room sexcapade something to remember.