Twice The Fun - GF Leaks

Channel: GF Leaks

This video starts off with some good old fashion camera fun. While recording, Sofie's BF walks in on her and her friend painting their nails, and she knows it's trouble. In nothing but lingerie and a towel, she tries to escape him, but he manages to get her to show off her sexy body. Sofie kicks him out, but he promises he will stop recording, if she lets him back in. Once inside, he coerces them to make out. Then Sofie and Macy take off their tops and start playing with each others tits. The ladies get hot and start playing with each others pussies. They get really wet and then start eating each other out. About that time, Sofie's BF can't contain himself anymore, so he takes out his cock and has her suck on it. Next thing we know, Macy is licking on his dick too, and both girls are sucking him off. Once he is hard, he starts stroking Sophie's pussy good. But the threesome really takes off once he drills Macy in doggy style while she eats out Sophie. In the end everyone gets to come, but he does all over them.