Warm As Autumn - GF Leaks

Channel: GF Leaks

This week's GFR submission starts off unlike any other submission in the past. It's obvious that this guy spends way too much time with his camera as he starts filming this video while perched on top of his ivory tower. He even calls his GF into the bathroom after dropping a deuce to bask in the aroma! It's amazing that he goes on to receive a monster blowjob and much more from her. However, it looks like our submitter eventually got tired of this sexy brunette. He claims she was clingy and never even bothered to look for a job or even go to school. She just spent all day hanging around his house waiting for cock and although it was okay for a while, he soon met a hotter chick that actually had a job. He started dating her even before he kicked his Ex-GF out and he promises that new videos will be on their way soon.