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Who doesn't enjoy a chick with a great ass that knows how to booty shake? You don't even have to be a guy to enjoy it. I even think most chicks would agree it's just awesome to see those asses working. Our submitter's ex girlfriend shot this kinky booty shake video about a year ago when they were both still in college. She shows her awesome ass and pops that pussy just for him (or so she thought). She'd grown up in Miami with Luke, 2 Live Crew, and all that other booty shake music, so she knew how to work it. Anyway, she knew how much her boyfriend liked her ass and dancing, so she created this one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Our submitter lost touch with our booty shaking babe after they graduated. As you can tell, she was a bit on the crazy side and all about exhibition. She would drink too much, flash random dudes, and a bunch of other BS, so he had to drop her. Things ended bad between them, so he felt perfectly fine about sending this video directly to us.