Baz To The Bone - GF Revenge

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Channel: GF Revenge
Pornstars: Jhonny Zarreena Baz

5063 - Zarreena was minding her own business washing clothes and taking care of other chores before she had to head out to work. Her bf had the day off and planned to spend the day in the backyard pool tanning and swimming but the rain was coming down hard. He got bored and started playing around with his camera. He eventually made his way to the laundry room where Zarreena was wearing the only thing she had clean. Lucky for him it was a bikini with a g-string. He started cajoling her to get a little frisky with him before she went off to work. The camera threw her off for a while but she eventually came around to appreciating the fact he wanted to document their love while they were still young. I guess there was something appealing to her about looking back at the good old days once they were in their twilight years. Little did she know he would eventually hand it over to us once their relationship didn't work out.

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Download this from GF Revenge