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Pornstars: Genie Michelle Natalie

4659 - Here we get another installment of sexy amateur web cam strip. You know when this chick made this video, she was probably all in love and wanting to please her man. This blond is stacked like a sky scraper, and she shows us everything. We get a perfect look at her nice big tits, her big juicy ass, and her sweet shaved pussy. Her ex-BF, Nick, tells us their story. Nick tells us he met his ex at a club. The fatal flaw in the relationship was that their friends didn't get along. They started spreading BS rumors that made them lose trust. They decided to end it, but the club scene wasn't big enough that they didn't see each other. Turns out his ex started dating a guy the weekend after they split to make Nick jealous. So he did the same thing. Then she sent him a video of her fucking the dude, so Nick did her one up and sent this old video from a sex-video session he had recorded.

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Download this from GF Revenge