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Channel: GF Revenge
Pornstars: Cameo

4651 - If you have a thing for Latinas, then this video is for you. It has about 8 hot, different, naked Latinas all bathing together in the shower at the same time. The best part too is that they are all college-aged. A college dude by the name of Matt sent us this one. He'd asked his ex if she'd ever made any crazy sex tapes, but she just said, no. When they moved in, they started sharing a computer. Matt saw her password, so he logged in when she wasn't around and totally found this video. In truth, the video had not sex, but it did have a bunch of naked chicks in it, so Matt could see why his ex didn't want him to see it. When she wasn't around, he admitted that he's put it on and jerk off. He loved all those titties and asses in one place, and do we. He ended up copying it to his jump drive. Now that they're not longer together, Matt shows it to everyone. I guess that's fair considering the deception.

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Download this from GF Revenge