The Cheer Up - GF Revenge

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4765 - Tammy is a hot babe that likes to please her boyfriend. In this GF Revenge video, her ex-BF, Brian, records as she gets dressed. We get a good look at those nice perky tits, that amazing ass, and her sweet shaved pussy. Tammy puts on a cheerleader outfit, and Brian keeps asking her if they can do a little role playing where she's the tight end, and he goes deep. At first Tammy resists, but once Brian pulls his dick out, she can't help herself. She gets down on both knees and starts sucking. From there, they move to the bed for some wild sex. Believe it or not, Tammy submitted this video to GF Revenge. She told us that her and her ex, Brian, dated and lived together for a year. Pretty early on in their relationship, Tammy discovered that she wasn't really Brian's type. Whenever they were out, and he would see a plump girl, Brian couldn't stop starring. Eventually, Tammy caught him cheating with a really thick girl. She made it a point though to submit this video and send Brian the link, so he could see what he was missing and would never have again.

Download this video from GF Revenge
Download this from GF Revenge