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1285 – I’m quite possibly the luckiest man in the world. Coming home to Brenna Sparks just had to be filmed. After a long days work I find Brenna on scooter messing around wearing the sexiest little thong. So I just couldn’t resist and I had to get in that ass. She was definitely waiting for daddy!

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Spread Open – Black GFs

November 16th, 2018

1297 – When you mix a couple of smoking hot ladies from the club, it’s always a good time!

Nutty Buddy – Black GFs

November 16th, 2018

1300 – This amateur video starts off with an amazing caramel cutie sucking on a giant dick. Our submitter mentioned that this was only supposed to be a blowjob video but as you’ll see in went much further than that. He ends up banging that phat ass from the front and from the back until he finishes all over her enormous mounds. And, he did it all with a camera in his hand. We think this guy has a future in first-person porn directing, but you be the judge.

Doing Dariel – Black GFs

November 16th, 2018

1303 – With a tight body and some perky titties, Dariel is an ebony bombshell that might look shy, but as you’ll see in this video she is a wild freak when it comes to riding that dick.

Almost Home – Black GFs

November 16th, 2018

1306 – This chick has a body and face that’s good enough for mainstream modeling, and for all we know she could be part of some agency. But that didn’t matter to her ex boyfriend. He only had this video for a couple of weeks until she got bored of him and dumped him out of nowhere. Her ex boyfriend told us that guys would hit on her everywhere she went and he always expected her of cheating. He even thinks that he wasn’t the only guy to get this video from her so he figured he’d put it out for the rest of the world to watch. Once you’ve seen it, we’re sure you’ll want to thank him as much as we did.

My Sweet Kim – Black GFs

November 16th, 2018

1309 – Good Lord! Kim has got an ass like no other. That is Diamond in the Rough Booty. You could search long and far, and you still won’t find a hump like that anywhere. Kim is just making the couch in this home video, when her BF has to ask her to turn around and show that ass off for the camera. Can’t blame him. But once, we take a look, it’s all over. Homeboy is harder than flagpole and needs to get in that ass. First though, this black baby gives an insane blow job. And after that, she turns around to take that dick. All we can do is just be amazed. Just wait till you see her work dat boo-tay!

In My Skin – Black GFs

November 16th, 2018

1312 – This week’s submission will make you want to chew some doublemint gum (among other things) while you watch. These two college babes were just hanging out in the locker room when their friend came in with a video camera and a hard on! He also had some huge balls for just attempting this stunt without letting the girls know before-hand, but when it came down to it, these ebony babes were anything but shy. It took a little convincing (and a lot of cash), but once they came to an agreement, the result is one of the hottest Black GF videos we’ve ever received. No sad break up story involved.

Kitty Katt – Black GFs

November 16th, 2018

1315 – We all love college girls. It’s the age when women look their finest. And the Black GF in this video is looking extra fine. She gives us a sneak peak of that pussy while in class, and it is all we need to see to get hooked in. We already know the plan when the exBF asks to take his girl on a “detour” on the way home. This stacked babe starts flashing her incredible brown titties for the camera and showing off that insane booty, all while in the car. But things are just getting warmed up cause the action moves to the backseat where this hottie plays with that pussy for us.nnThe camera man waists no time, and whips his cock out for this black beauty to slob away on. No doubt, this honey is really cute and sucks some mean dick. But at this point, the sex can’t be held back, so the couple throws the car doors open and fucks right there outside. This baby takes the bone deep from the back and works that big, round booty for us. Man, that ass is so fat! And if you think that sounds hot, just wait until you see how this video ends.

Naughty Nevaeh – Black GFs

November 16th, 2018

1318 – To call Nevaeh “naughty” is an understatement. This ebony honey is beyond what most guys would consider hardcore. This girl could suck the chrome off a hitch, but don’t take our word for it, watch this video and see why black girls give the best head.

Splish Splash – Black GFs

November 16th, 2018

1321 – After a hot day at the beach, Serena and her college roommates decide to hit the showers to cool off. These smoking hot black girls compare tan lines as they strip down naked. But it doesn’t take long before big, brown titties are popped out and juicy black nipples are being sucked on. And these girls are just getting started. This becomes an all out black, teen, lesbian threesome, as pussy lips are spread and clits are licked down and sucked right there in the dorm showers.nnYet these fine ass black ladies know how to share. And when their other sexy friend jumps into the mix to make it an official lesbian orgy, they all take turns sucking pussy and titties on each other like freaky college friends should. No one is left out, believe us. If you’re a fan of big, round, fat black asses and big, jiggly brown boobs, then you’ll fall in love with the ladies in this Black GF’s update. And don’t fight the urge when you see these honeys getting down on each other… it’s alright to let loose.

Hot Box – Black GFs

November 16th, 2018

1324 – This week’s BlackGFs submission has a little bit of everything. At first you might think this white boy has more than he can handle with this curvaceous ebony babe. But you’ll see how he works that ass like a true player in this video. And, unlike many other submissions to BlackGFs, this video even takes us through the entire date instead of just jumping right into the hardcore action. They even go bowling. Any white guys with Jungle Fever would be wise to take notes while watching. Get your pen, pad and cock ready for this one.