Caught Slipping - GF Leaks

Channel: GF Leaks

This week's submission takes the concept of GF Revenge to a whole new level. Usually, it's the guys who get revenge on their ex-girlfriends by posting videos of them that they would be totally ashamed and embarrassed by. However, this week's submission is just the opposite and although it was submitted to GFRevenge.com with absolutely no description, our sexy submitter sums up the entire reason for creating this amateur sex tape in the first few seconds. Apparently, Steve fucked up bad. He pissed off his girlfriend with some text, or Sext, messages that got her full hot and looking for revenge. Turns out that Steve's friends aren't very loyal as one of them literally jumps on the opportunity to have sex with his friend's girlfriend. To be totally fair, I guess you can say that she had already made her mind up about dumping Steve before making the video, but filming yourself having sex with your boyfriend's best friend just to get back at him... Now, that's cold.