Controlling Carter - GF Leaks

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It's not everyday you see a girl as fine as Carter. This 22-year-old blond was gorgeous and had an incredible body on her. When her boyfriend first started recording her in this video, we found Carter in the laundry room looking around for a certain item of clothing. We're going to guess it was her bra because she was topless and only had on a pair of leggings. As her man made his presence known, Carter turned around, and we got a nice look at those sweet tits and nipple piercings. She was shy, but her BF quickly explained he wanted to film her on her first day of her new job. As Carter got comfortable on the floor to do her make up, we got a nice look at that booty. It was too much of a temptation for her BF, so he started grabbing her ass and rubbing her pussy through her stockings. He finally just went for it, pulled them down, and starting fingering that nice shaved pussy. That got Carter really horny and unleashed her inner freak, so when her man asked her for a quickie, she was down. Although she initially resisted recording it, Carter quickly changed her tune, as she started sucking on his cock when he pulled it out. This girl could give some amazing head, and we were super impressed. But the best part was yet to come. When Carter got on top, spread her legs wide, and rode that dick, it was epic. She worked that pussy and those hips in a way we never knew was possible and made herself orgasm several times. Her man was inspired and took over. He banged that hot pussy deep and hard until he was blowing his load all over Carter's sexy body. She licked it all up in the heat of the moment but then freaked out because she was running late to her first day of work.