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Olivia's BF caught her in the kitchen in nothing but a thong, and since his camera was already fired up, he figured they could have a little fun. She was trying to hide and pretend like she didn't want any part, but when he started rubbing on her tits and pussy, she gave in. In no time, Olivia was down on her knees slobbing away at his cock. Her booty was looking really good, so once he was hard, he took her into the other room, bent her over, and went balls deep into that pussy in doggy style. About that time, Jessica walked in and caught them in the middle of the act. It was awkward, but Olivia's BF told her to jump in. At first she was hesitant, but when she made a deal with him that he'd show the sex tape to her asshole Ex, she was all about the revenge sex. Jessica stripped down and the ladies shared his cock only like two best friends could. They both sucked on his dick and took turns riding his cock. It was AMAZING. You will not want to miss this GF Revenge threesome!