Dripping Barbie - GF Leaks

Channel: GF Leaks

Jordie's BF walked in on her and her hot friend Barbie while they were showering and getting ready to go out. Normally, it wouldn't have stirred her so much, but Jose had his video camera recording, so Jordie was pissed. He kept trying to convince Jordie that she should get into the shower with Barbie and make out. With how nice Barbie's ass was, anyone would want to jump in the shower with her. Jose went to Plan B and suggested that they have a threesome. Eventually his persistence paid off because Jordie and Barbie started kissing and making out. Barbie pulled her into the shower, and the two of them stripped naked and went to titty sucking and pussy licking. It was some insanely HOT lesbian action. After that, Jose finally got them to go into the next room with him for the threesome. The girls both sucked his cock at the same time in an freaky wild blow job frenzy. Jose handled this threesome like a champ. He switched off between stroking the girls' pussies while they took turns sucking each others titties and rubbing each others clits. It eventually proved too much for him, and Jose had to bust his cum load all over Barbie. This was one hot threesome you won't want to miss!