Get Her Groomed - GF Leaks

Channel: GF Leaks

This video summarizes nearly every heterosexual man's ultimate fantasy and according to our submitter, he was living this fantasy every day for over a year. In his submission letter, he mentioned he wasn't in a real relationship with either of the girls, but he would bang the cute blonde on a regular basis. As you'll see in this video, neither one of the girls are very shy about being on camera. However, even though the brunette friend was okay with watching the two have sex for a while, once it gets too hardcore, she takes off. But, that didn't stop our submitter from finishing the deed while doing a great job of catching it all on video. Our submitter mentions that he still sees this blonde from time to time and she even stays over his house every once in a while. He says he hopes to send in more videos soon, hopefully with one of her friends in the mix too. We can't wait. After all, this incredible video was good enough to be GFR's submission of the week!