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Apparently, our submitter didn't use the most ethical methods to get his hands on this amateur lesbian movie, but who cares! He explains how his ex-girlfriend was a complete pot head and she slept around behind his back. To make matters worse, she stole all of her boyfriend's weed. Even in this video she talks shit about him and they hadn't even officially broken up yet. Watch as these two smoking hot babes who take turns on each other after getting nice and baked. You can tell that these girls had no problem getting nude in front of the camera as they each dare one another to go further and further with their sexual favors. Even the girl behind the camera can't help herself as she starts rubbing her wet clit even before the video is over. It's obvious that she got so horny she couldn't help herself and we're hoping to receive a part two of this incredible lesbian clip where the camera girl gets involved.