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It was Chloe and Gavin's anniversary, and Chloe was getting ready for their big night out. Gavin had just got a new camcorder and was eager to use it. Try as she might, Chloe couldn't get him out of the bathroom where she stood half-naked with her perky tits and sexy figure in full view. After some intense coaxing from her BF, she finally agreed to give him a little show on camera. Chloe sat up on the bathroom counter and went to town on herself as she rubbed her tiny tight pussy and clit. This only served to ger her super horny, and she figured a quickie before they went out was an excellent idea. Plus, Gavin had promised not to nut on her face. With a green light, Gavin gave her a good hard fucking that made her squirt multiple times. Chloe's great pussy eventually overtook him, and he shot his load so hard, it traveled all the way from her pussy to her face. But after multiple orgasms, Chloe didn't complain too much and went to take a shower to finally get ready and go out.