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The mixed girl in this video is hot as hell. I'm not sure if she's Asian, Latina, or something else, but I am sure that she is a sexy girl. She plays on the floor in her thong and shows us her incredible ass. Man, it is a beautiful sight. She has a really cute face too. But that ass is a 10. It'll make you want to spank it. To keep it real to the video, in football terms, she's the perfect "Tight End." Our submitter, Rob, tells us this video was taken on a Sunday right before a football game. He would never miss his hometown team play. But his ex was jealous about him watching football, so she gave him the choice: miss the game or the pussy. Rob chose the pussy, but looking back, he should've chose his true love, football. They split after three years, and she was moving out, so Rob gave her the new key and told her to take a few things to help her. When he came home, she had cleaned the place out. He just wanted to recoup some of that money, and the video was the perfect chance.