In The Dark - GF Leaks

Channel: GF Leaks

This is one of the hottest GF Revenge videos, period. We watch as a couple has anal sex in a dimly lit bathroom. She spread her cheeks and goes totally wild, as her BF goes deep in that booty. They switch positions a couple times, and he works that asshole for 10 minutes straight. The sounds his GF makes are insane. You can just tell she's loving it. George, our submitter, tells us where it all went wrong. He said his ex-wife was totally freaky (yeah, no shit, the video says it all). Anyway, their relationship ended cause George had already busted her cheating twice and forgiven her, but the infidelity had got way out of control. He wanted us to swing with other couples, but she was just fucking lots of random guys behind his back. George wasn't having it though. He split with her and sent us this video to get back at her.