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This little hottie shakes her amazing ass in the car for us. Her BF just makes the suggestion, and she starts stripping. First, she pops out her nice perky titties. Then, she takes off her pants to reveal that amazing ass of hers. Finally, the panties come off, and we get a full view of her nice, tight pussy. Our submitter, Jon, tells us the couple's story. This was shot in his car while they were parked one afternoon. Jon suggested she strip, and she'd never done it before, but got hot when she saw he was filming. They dated and lived together for 2 years. When it ended, they couldn't just go their ways cause they were stuck in a lease. So they had to live together in the same apartment for almost a month. In that time, she had guys over and fucked them loud so he could hear from the other room. But Jon didn't get mad. He just got even.