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Just as the title of this video suggests, this Latina has some nice boobs. But I would take that a step further. This Latina has some unbelievable tits. And her ass is delicious too. She is thick and perfect for some good, hard fucking. I just know she's a freak too. The way she sighs as she's filming herself is all the proof I need. BTW - her name is Monica, and she is our submitter. She filmed this video for her first boyfriend cause he kept asking. Soon after, he just started getting jealous. He would always be give her shit about her clothes and tell her she was being a ho. Monica couldn't take it, so they broke up. He got obsessed though and would follow her and cry outside her window. After a couple months, she stopped feeling sorry for him. She went out with a new guy one night, and her ex jumped out the bushes and started screaming at her. She put a restraining order on him and sent us this video just to piss him off.