Oh My Mia - GF Leaks

Channel: GF Leaks

Mia decided to catch her roommates in the act since they always make her late to work by hogging up the bathroom for their little daily dalliances. She turned on the camera and whipped the door open only to see her pal Belle on her knees sucking her live-in boyfriend off. Jacob could care less Mia was filming but Belle was embarrassed. Jacob seized this opportunity to try and turn it into a threesome with great success. He knew Belle had a thing for their roomie and figured if he played it just right he could get a menage a trois going. It worked like a charm and they all enjoyed each other for quite some time. Needless to say, Mia wasn't upset she was late that day. Although, if she ever comes across this footage, I think she'll be infuriated that one of her roomies betrayed her trust and put their sordid deeds on the net.