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Charli's BF came into the den, camera in-hand, asking her what she was up to. She was just doodling on a note pad, and it seemed like a fairly boring day with not much to do. That's when he got the great idea to practice on video for an upcoming audition Charli was having. After a bit of interviewing, Charli's BF asked her to do a little naughty filming. She initially resisted, but eventually agreed. Charli started off the session by masturbating. Then she pulled out her BF's cock and started sucking on it. Once he was rock hard, she turned around and took that dick deep in doggy style. They banged for a while before her BF had Charli get on top for the camera. She rode that cock like a pro, then her BF laid her down and stroked that pussy good until he couldn't take it anymore and skeeted all over her stomach. It was a great audition we definitely approved of.