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These are by far some of the hotter Latinas I've ever seen in an amateur video. These two chicks make a perfect combo. One has some incredible tits, and the other has a perfect ass. They play in bed, grab each others tits, and flash their pussies. We don't get to see all the lesbian play, but we do get to see afterward when these two fine honeys are butt ass naked in the shower cleaning up. Our submitter, Kathy, tells us the video's story. She tells us she filmed the video while visiting one of her old girlfriends from back in high school. She had a crush on her old friend since high school. They had made out one time in 12th grade at a party, but then she went away for college and neither pursued it. Shortly after the trip, Kathy and her friend started having a long-distance relationship. It went to shit though when she surprise visited her ex and caught her fucking a guy. They had promised no boys. Girls were OK, but no guys. Kathy lost all respect for her and sent this video to get revenge.