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This amateur video is a GF Revenge gem. The babe in this video is really cute and has "The" most amazing ass ever. Whoever hit that is one lucky, lucky bastard. Anyway, she obviously sets up the camera on purpose and gives a nice booty dance in this self-shot home video. If you're an "ass-man" then do not miss out on this video. But looks can be deceiving, as our submitter Tim explains. Tim's ex-girlfriend sent him this video for his B-day while he was away on a game. He used to play sports professionally, so he was away often. Tim says it was a pleasant surprise cause he'd been asking her to make him a sexy video for the lonely nights. They dated a while, but she was kind of shallow. Tim met another girl and moved on, but his ex never did. Months after they broke up, she'd send him videos of her having sex with other guys to make him jealous. It just annoyed the hell out of him, so he sent this video to get back at her.