Sexy Shower - GF Leaks

Channel: GF Leaks

This video proves that men aren't being perverts when they fantasize about what women do when they go to the bathroom together. Granted, this isn't your typical social situation where the girls stand up from the dinner table to use the restroom in the restaurant. These girls had the entire house to themselves but lets just say that the bathroom was the only room they needed. Martin Scorsese has nothing on this amateur director's debut film. She convinces her sexy house guests to get wet and wild in her shower and the scene that she sets up turns out to become the ultimate lesbian orgy. They may have had their reservations at first, but once they get going, these girls put on a wild show in front of the camera. However, this group of sexy girls didn't have a story book ending. In fact, they had a terrible falling out that led our camera girl to submit this video. She wasn't sure if any of the girls in the video would ever find out it was on GFRevenge.com, but once she got confirmation that her submission was accepted, she made it a point to let them all know.