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Channel: GF Leaks

Today's update came from John who got dumped by his girlfriend Rissa because he was too immature and irresponsible, according to her. If this video is any indicator, I think she might have a point, but that's neither here nor there. What's important is that we were able to procure this awesome footage of them having sex. Rissa was jotting down a couple items they needed to pick up at the supermarket when John got the brilliant idea to whip out the camera and get frisky. He distracted her so much from her chores, she figured the quickest way to get back on task was to just give him what he wanted and get him out of her hair. But once he flopped his cock right onto her forehead, Rissa knew she had no chance. In true form, John of course turned in the footage for some quick cash as soon as she dumped him for being irresponsible. Better luck next time John.