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REAL HUNGARIAN TWINS – NOBODY WOULD BELIEVE IT IF I DIDN’T FILM IT I’ve just started what I feel is going to be my best week in paradise, so far. After cruising some social media sites and doing some research, I came upon these stellar-looking pair of Hungarian twins that totally got my fantasies running wild. What if I could get a pair of twins to come to Thailand with me for a wild week of photoshoots and hopefully, lots of sex? Seeing as how these Fox Twins are rising stars on social media and have been in dirty films before, I presenting them with my desires to do “photo shoots” and examples of my “photography work”. A plan was quickly made. Tickets booked, resorts booked and we were soon meeting on beach in Thailand. But – could I get them both doing exactly what we are all here for or was it all about photos in their minds? THESE GIRLS KNOW THEY’RE SEXY – AND SO DID EVERYONE ELSE ON THAT BEACH! What a pair! My God, man! I was immediately even more impressed in-person than I was by their social media pics. Cute and firm little asses, big smiles, fuck-me eyes and bikinis so teeny and weeny, I was the envy of every red-blooded man on that beach. Watch as they go, hand in hand, into the water, frolic in the sand and pose for our “photo shoot”. Talking amongst themselves, it was quickly realized that they were talking about me and before I knew it, they were posing with their backs to me in the water, with their bikini bottoms “accidentally” pushed aside… like they didn’t realize. It was right then that I realized, my plans of sex and fun in the sun were about to cum to fruition. TWINS DO EVERYTHING TOGETHER Wrapping up the photoshoot, we all head back to my villa to take a dip in the pool and wash the salt off but I knew that I soon had to make my move. I had to find out for sure, were they just teasing for the camera.. or were they teasing for me! Once relaxed and sitting at the edge of the pool, I simply just took my shorts off right in front of them and walked towards them as their mouths open in amazement at my growing photographer’s-boner. Seconds later, I was in the closest of mouthes and soon they were both vying for position of “top model” as they both take turns pleasing every inch of my mandhood. Indoors and out. Seems that these super-horny Hungarian twins really do everything together – even if it means getting fucked bent over a couch until I plaster both their pretty faces with my seed.┬áSomething tells me they fully expected to be at the business-end of my cum-gun right from the get-go. Lets see what tomorrow brings us!