Double It Up - GF Leaks

Channel: GF Leaks

This week's GFR update is going to have you craving some Double mint gum! Sure, these two girls aren't twins, but they did go shopping for matching bathing suit bottoms together, so from the waist down, you can barely tell the difference. This guy busted out the video camera because he knew his girlfriend and her friend were going to the pool, but when it started to look like it would rain, they decided to bring the fun indoors. The friend knew that this couple would swing from time to time, but she never expected to be caught in the middle of a threesome with one of her best friends and her BF's boyfriend. She's a little shy at first but after she watches her friend give some head, she quickly gets into it. Apparently, this couple is still together and swinging all the time, but they had a falling out with their friend. It seems like she felt uncomfortable hanging around after this happened. So, what did the couple do? They sent the video to us, for all of you to enjoy. All we can say is, thank you!