Secret Lover - GF Leaks

Channel: GF Leaks

This week's submission to GF Revenge is all about the dirty blonde babe you see here. As you'll witness in this incredible POV video, that hair isn't the only dirty thing about her. The clip starts off innocently enough as our sexy star is sunbathing by the pool. However, the cameraman (also this week's submitter) had different things in mind. Once the video cuts to the bedroom, it gets hardcore in a flash. This girl gives a monster blowjob and proceeds to get banged long and hard. She gives our submitter the royal treatment and ends the video with a service rarely seen in porn videos. However, he wrote in his letter that this is just a girl he sees on the side and he doesn't really care if she finds out. He explains that he would only get angry if his real girlfriend found out it was him in the video, but he doesn't think that will ever happen.